Pennsylvannia School District Votes for Creationism Seminar

The West Green School Board in Rogersville, Pennsylvania voted on Thursday, January 24th, to allow a Biblical Creationist to give a creationism seminar to students during class time. Those not wishing to attend could choose not to do so.

High School Principal Brian Jackson reviewed a tape from Creationist Steve Grohman, who asserts that evolution is not true science and both creationism and evolution should be taught, according to the Observer-Reporter.

Board President Dan Smith and board member John Hewitt voted against the motion. Voting in favor of the creationism seminar were board members Marie Carter, who introduced the motion, John Walters, Anita Ross, Debbie Crouse, Rosemary Fletcher and Randy King.

For the complete text of the article see the Observer-Reporter. [Link has expired]