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The fiftieth anniversary of Epperson v. Arkansas, the 1968 Supreme Court case that struck down Arkansas's ban on the teaching of evolution, was celebrated in "She Stood for Science," published in the November 2018 issue of Church & State, the monthly magazine of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

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The Arizona state board of education voted 6-4 to adopt a new set of state science standards at its October 22nd, 2018, meeting.

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"Parents and teachers on Monday [September 24, 2018] rallied outside an Arizona Board of Education meeting, and then took turns during the meeting blasting a proposal to remove references to evolution and climate change from state science standards," reported the Arizona Republic (September 24, 2018).

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In a September 20, 2018, letter (PDF), the American Institute of Biological Sciences called on the Arizona state board of education to reject draft science standards that are to be presented to the board at its September 24, 2018, meeting.

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As the latest draft (PDF) of a new set of state science standards for Arizona is apparently on its way to the state board of education for its approval, concerns about the compromised treatment of evolution remain — and have been now joined by concerns about the deletion of material about climate change.

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