Lights! Camera! Evolve! New YouTube Site Debuts!

The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) is expanding its online video presence with its new YouTube channel at

Here you'll find reports from the evolution/creationism wars—footage of contentious testimony, landmark and illuminating speeches, conference coverage, excerpts from television appearances, and presentations. In the future, look for classroom videos, tutorials for teachers, videos contributed by NCSE members, and much more.

When you visit our YouTube channel, check out a couple of key areas. At top right you'll see the latest, hot video. (In this case, executive director Dr. Genie Scott explaining evolution to the Texas Board of Education.) Below this video window you'll see the Playlist area. We've broken down our initial offerings into different categories—Genie Scott's testimony before the Texas Board of Education; the board's chairman, Don McLeroy, expounding on why evolution is false; and some light-hearted coverage of our recent Project Steve celebration.

Please explore the site, tell us what you like (and don't), and suggest improvements and changes. Send your comments to Robert Luhn at

Grassroots Organizing: From Committees of Correspondence to Citizens for Science
Eugenie C. Scott
February 16, 2007
San Francisco, CA (AAAS 2007 Meeting)

Cans, Can'ts and Shoulds of Teaching Evolution
Eugenie C. Scott
December 7, 2006
Salt Lake City, UT (NSTA 2006 Regional Meeting)
Flash PowerPoint presentation

In 2008, NCSE released four new short videos, on selected aspects of the creationism/evolution controversy:

In the book Of Pandas and People, creationism was relabeled as "intelligent design," shortly after the US Supreme Court ruled that teaching creationism in public schools was unconstitutional. This video recounts how NCSE's archival collection provided crucial evidence.
Proving ID = creationism

Texas educator Chris Comer was forced to resign after she forwarded an email announcing a lecture about the Kitzmiller trial, in which intelligent design was found to be a form of creationism.
Chris Comer: Expelled for Real

Intelligent design creationists claim that complex structures can't evolve. Real research in biology says otherwise.
Complexity Evolves

NCSE has more than 2 decades of experience in defending the teaching of evolution in public schools. This video recounts some of our work.
NCSE to the rescue!

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