Creationism (general)

Maryland, 2006 - HB 1531

State: Maryland Date introduced: February 16, 2006 Main sponsor: Delegate Burns Bill Number: HB 1531 Bill Title: Academic Freedom Act Current Status: Failed in Ways and Means Committee

Text as introduced UNOFFICIAL COPY OF HOUSE BILL 1531 F1 6lr3378 ____________________________________________________________________________________ By: Delegate Burns Introduced and read first time: February 16, 2006 Assigned to: Rules and Executive Nominations _____________________________________________________________________________________ A BILL ENTITLED AN ACT

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Maryland Association of Science Teachers

Position Statement:

The Maryland Association of Science Teachers and the Maryland Science Supervisors Association hereby affirm that biological evolution and scientific concepts of earth history should be taught in Maryland science classes. We support the position that evolution is, and should remain, a cornerstone concept in the science content standards adopted by the state of Maryland. We also support and agree with the positions stated by the National Science Teachers Association in its position paper The Teaching of Evolution, which is attached herewith, and with the

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