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Colorado 2013 HB13-0189

State: Colorado Date introduced: January 16, 2013 Main sponsor: Rep. Stephen Humphrey Bill Number: HB 13-0189 Bill Title: K-12 Academic Freedom Act Current Status: Postponed indefinitely by House Committee on Education

Other sponsors: Buck, Everett, Holbert, Joshi, Nordberg, Saine, Wilson

The bill creates an "Academic Freedom Act" (act) for both K-12 public schools and institutions of higher education in the state of Colorado (act). The provisions of the acts direct teachers to create an environment that encourages students to intelligently and respectfully explore

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"Of Pandas and People"
Journal Article

Evolution Challenged in Colorado's Largest School District

This June an ad-hoc committee of the Jefferson County, Colorado schools, a Denver area school district, responded to Wheat Ridge High School sophomore Danny Phillips's complaints about evolution education by recommending that teachers stop using a videotape, "The Miracle of Life," and have it removed from the district resource center. Phillips had complained about more than the videotape, a film about human reproduction which opens by discussing the common ancestry of all life. He protested the school district's use of the Kendall-Hunt textbook Biological Science
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