Engaging with the Issues

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There are a number of ways for congregations, clergy, and other interested groups and individuals to learn about and engage with issues involving religious belief and the science of evolution.

A good place to start is the Clergy Letter Project; more than 12,000 clergy from Christian denominations and Jewish congregations in the United States have signed its statements affirming their acceptance of the scientific validity of the theory of evolution.  This site has links to sermons and essays about religion and evolution.

Evolution Weekend, observed on the days closest to Charles Darwin's birthday, developed from the Clergy Letter Project. In a variety of ways, numerous congregations have begun to incorporate into their religious services some type of recognition of the evolutionary nature of the physical world.

The Campus Ministry Project is being developed as a way of reaching out to college and university students with the message that biological evolution is not antithetical to their faith. Contact Peter Hess for more details.

Voices for Evolution is a project to assemble all of the formal statements supportive of evolution that have been issued by religious denominations, churches, and synagogues, as well as by scientific, educational, and civil liberties organizations.


Speakers for Events

NCSE can help congregations, academic institutions, and community groups around the country locate qualified speakers for workshops and special events.


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