Billion-Year Walk

Billion Year Walk

Take the whole family back a billion years and walk hundreds of millions of years to the present.

Follow dozens of signs describing the history of our Earth and its life. Docents will answer your questions as you travel through time. Test yourself with a trivia quiz.

Millions of dinosaurs and other animals were harmed in the making of this history!

So you want to be a Billion-Year Walk organizer?

Host a Billion-Year Walk in your community! You do not need to ask permission to use these materials but please display images with the provided credits. Please send us an Event Report Form after your Walk.

Notes for organizingPDFDOCFlyerPDFDOCBillion-Year Walk LogoPDFPNGDocent Recruiting LetterPDFDOCVolunteer PacketPDFDOCVolunteer Staffing SpreadsheetPDFXLSVolunteer Shift SlipsPDFDOCParticipant Sign-In FormPDFDOCVolunteer Sign-In FormPDFDOCThe 40+ signs created for the WalkPDFDOCAlternative signsPDFDOCThe End BoardPDFDOCMitochondrial Eve HandoutPDFDOCThe Billion-Year Quiz (English)PDFDOCThe Billion-Year Quiz (Spanish)PDFDOCQuiz Answers (English)PDFDOCQuiz Answers (Spanish)PDFDOCSupply ChecklistPDFDOCEvent Report FormPDFDOCAll of the above (zip file)PDFDOC


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