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RNCSE 36:1 Willing to Fight

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  • Willing to Fight: An Interview with Michael Mann
  • Place & Time: Canyon Ministries
  • A Challenge Accepted: Introducing NCSEteach
  • Building Grassroots Support for Science
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RNCSE 36:2: What Are Kids Learning About Climate Change

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  • Taking the Temperature of Climate Change Education
  • Updates from across the country
  • What Does NCSE's Survey Mean For NCSEteach?
  • Science Booster Clubs: News from the First Expansion 
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Non-Mineralized Tissues in Fossil T rex

In the March 25, 2005, issue of Science, paleontologist Mary Schweitzer and her co-authors reported the discovery of intact blood vessels and other soft tissues in demineralized bone from a 65- million-year–old specimen of Tyrannosaurus rex housed at the Museum of the Rockies (MOR). Scientists’ reaction to this discovery has been cautious; Schweitzer and others have not provided the biochemical data necessary to decide whether or not the “flexible vascular tissue that demonstrated great elasticity and resilience” is, in fact, T rex soft tissue.

Creationism and the Laws of Thermodynamics


Pseudoscientists love to use "abracadabra" words to dazzle an ill-informed audience, and for creationists, the word "entropy" fills the bill nicely. The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that, in an isolated system, the entropy tends to increase. As entropy may be considered a measure of disorder, the orderliness of living systems and the complexity of organic molecules are taken by creationists to be a violation of this law of physics, requiring divine intervention.

Evolution is a Winner — for Breakthroughs and Prizes

In 1965, the young American scientist Leland Hartwell had to make a decision crucial to his research on understanding how cells divide, a key step toward curing cancer.

Bird Flu, Bush, Evolution — and Us

The emergence of the new, highly virulent bird flu is just the latest example of how the microscopic world is constantly evolving into new forms that threaten to devastate the human population. The seriousness of the threat was underscored yesterday by President Bush's announcement of a new $7.1 billion national preparedness plan.

President Bush Addresses "Intelligent Design"

During a press conference with a group of Texas reporters on August 1, 2005, President George W Bush responded to a question about teaching "intelligent design" in the public schools.

New Mexico's Science Standards Do not Support the Concept of "Teach the Controversy"

On August 21, 2005, The New York Times published an article entitled "Politicized scholars put evolution on the defensive." This otherwise excellent article unfortunately contained several errors that resulted from treating some false information from the Discovery Institute as accurate. One major error was accepting the claim that New Mexico has "embraced the institute's 'teach the controversy' approach." This is absolutely false, as the following evidence will show.