Geology of the Cambrian Explosion

The Cambrian Explosion (or Radiation) refers to a period of rapid diversification of the fossils found between ~530-520 Ma (millions of years ago). During this geologically brief period, fossils record a blossoming of animal life into complex organisms. Although the phyla of most of these animals appear to have originated before the Cambrian Explosion, it was during this time that they announce themselves in rocks worldwide.

Evolution and the Origin of Races

by Eugenie C. Scott

The movement called "scientific creationism" promotes the idea that a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis is scientifically demonstrable. Several organizations are attempting to have this view taught in American public school science classrooms. Rather than dealing with the general positions of the scientific creationists, I consider in this brochure some parts of the scientific creationist position dealing with the human fossil record and racial origins.


The Nature of Evolution

Earliest Evidence of Life

The geologic record shows evidence for early life in two ways: 1) carbon isotopes, and 2) fossil stromatolites. The isotope evidence significantly predates the fossils.

Definitions of Fact, Theory, and Law in Scientific Work

Science uses specialized terms that have different meanings than everyday usage. These definitions correspond to the way scientists typically use these terms in the context of their work. Note, especially, that the meaning of “theory” in science is different than the meaning of “theory” in everyday conversation.

Deep Time Primer

One of the most challenging concepts in thinking about evolution is the idea of "deep time," the profoundly different timescale involved in geological and evolutionary processes than those we deal with in our daily lives. It is rare for those of us in North America to see buildings that are more than 100 years old. If the geological history of the world were represented by the height of the Empire State Building, the time since mastodons walked across North America 14,000 years ago would be represented by the thickness of a single dime.

How to Take Action to Support Science Education

Each controversy over the teaching of evolution is unique. However, these basic principles have proven to be valuable for opposing anti-evolutionism whether it occurs at a local school or in national discussions.

Voices for Evolution

Voices for Evolution is a project of the NCSE to collect the full diversity of organizations and perspectives in support of teaching evolution in the public schools. These statements represent the consensus view of the scientific community that evolution is well-supported, and that failing to teach it is a disservice to students.

The Anti-Museum

An overview and review of the Answers in Genesis Creation "Museum" by Daniel Phelps President, Kentucky Paleontological Society