Curious about the history of evolution denial or how climate change denial has affected America’s classrooms? Ever wonder if teaching creationism is allowed under law? Or are you looking for a piece of NCSE history? You’ve come to the right place.

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Evolution: If nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution, then clearing up misconceptions is a necessary step toward understanding everything from ecology to human health. Find selected resources on evolution, creationism and education here.

Climate Change: Climate change is arguably the most pressing scientific issue in generations. How can we hope to meet the challenges of climate change if so few of us understand the basic science? Find selected resources on climate change science, education and denial here.

Surveys & Polls: NCSE carries out periodic surveys on the state of science education, including our most recent survey of climate change teaching practices. You’ll also find links to surveys and polls on science, education, evolution, and climate change carried out by many different organizations.

Legislation and Court Cases: In this section, you’ll find links to our resources on anti-science education legislation and major court cases.

Classroom Resources: If you teach evolution or climate change, NCSE has gathered a wealth of clear, accurate, and helpful resources to put to use in your classroom.