A "Campus Free Speech Act" proposed in Wisconsin might protect college students who feel intimidated from expressing their opinions about the age of the earth in geology classes, according to the bill's lead sponsor.

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NCSE is pleased to announce that the text of William J. Bennetta's "The Rise and Fall of the Louisiana Creationist Law" — a two-part article that appeared in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County's magazine Terra in 1988 — is now available on NCSE's website, courtesy of the author and the museum.

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NCSE is pleased to announce that the latest issue of Reports of the National Center for Science Education is now available on-line. 

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Darwin's First Theory coverNCSE is pleased to offer a free preview (PDF) of Rob Wesson's Darwin's First Theory: Exploring Darwin's Quest for a Theory of Earth (Pegasus Books, 2017).

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"The percentage of U.S. adults who believe that God created humans in their present form at some time within the last 10,000 years or so — the strict creationist view — has reached a new low," reports Gallup (May 22, 2017).

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