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NCSE is seeking to hire a Director of Teacher Support. 

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Richard C. LewontonNCSE is pleased to congratulate Richard C. Lewontin, a member of NCSE's Advisory Council, on receiving the Genetics Society of America's Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal for lifetime achievement in the field of genetics for 2017.

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Oklahoma's Senate Bill 393 (PDF), which would empower science denial in the classroom, was passed on a 34-10 vote by the Senate on March 22, 2017, despite the protests of state and national organizations of scientists and science teachers..

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A young activist in Oklahoma is making headlines for his opposition to the state's Senate Bill 393, which would empower science denial in the classroom.

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"Record percentages of Americans are concerned about global warming, believe it is occurring, consider it a serious threat and say it is caused by human activity. All of these perceptions are up significantly from 2015," reports Gallup (March 14, 2017).

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