"New Mexico's Public Education Department unveiled proposed teaching standards ... that critics say would omit references to evolution, rising global temperatures and the age of Earth from the state's science curriculum," reports the Albuquerque Journal (September 16, 2017).

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At its September 8, 2017, meeting, the Nebraska state board of education voted 6-1 to adopt a new set of state science standards (PDF), the Omaha World-Herald (September 8, 2017) reported.

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Around the world, there is a high level of acceptance of anthropogenic climate change on the part of people under the age of thirty, according to the latest Global Shaper Survey, conducted by the World Economic Forum.

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As New York begins its transition to a new set of state science standards (PDF) that contain climate change, the New York State School Boards Association issued a new report, "When Politics Enters the Classroom: Teaching Climate Change in Schools" (PDF), to prepare school leaders and educators for the changes and challenges ahead.

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Brandon Haught

Writing in Nature (August 29, 2017), Brandon Haught urged the scientific community to redouble its efforts to support science educators.

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