Membership in the National Center for Science Education

NCSE is a membership based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation devoted to promoting and enhancing the teaching of science, especially the evolutionary sciences and the climate sciences, in formal and informal education, especially in K-12 public schools.

Membership in the National Center for Science Education includes:

  • One year's subscription to Reports of the National Center for Science Education (6 issues)
  • Participation in NCSE's diverse efforts to promote and defend the integrity of science education

Annual memberships are fully tax deductible. A member may cancel membership at any time.

NCSE values the privacy of its members.

NCSE periodically shares members' names and addresses with nonprofit organizations that have similar goals and with selected commercial entities that offer benefits to NCSE members. NCSE will honor requests not to share members' names and addresses with such organizations.

NCSE will honor requests to opt out from receiving mailings from NCSE.

Contacting NCSE

The National Center for Science Education can be contacted:

  • By postal mail at PO Box 9477, Berkeley, CA 94709-0477
  • By telephone at 1-800-290-6006 or 510-601-7203
  • By fax at 510-601-7204
  • By e-mail at info@ncse.com


The sale of books listed on the NCSE web site is handled by Amazon.com and Powells.com. NCSE has no direct involvement or responsibility for such sales. However, NCSE receives a small commission on sales that are initiated by using the links provided on the NCSE web site.

On-Line Financial Transactions with NCSE

On-line credit card transactions with NCSE for memberships, donations, or purchases of NCSE merchandise are done using secure technologies and encryption. NCSE makes no use of personal financial data apart from the purpose for which such data are furnished to NCSE, and NCSE strives to protect such data from loss, misuse, disclosure, or unauthorized access.

Revised February 2012