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Stop the Ohio anti-science bill

Ohio's HB 597 poses a threat to students and science education throughout the Buckeye State. Ohioans must reach out to their legislators now to urge that the anti-science provisions be blocked or removed.

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Climate Change

Climate change denial in Texas social studies textbooks

The Texas state board of education will adopt new social studies textbooks in November, 2014. The decisions they make will affect Texas classrooms for years to come, and are likely to change how textbooks are written for use in other states as well. In geography and economics classes, some of... + read

Climate Change
West Virginia

Stop climate change denial in West Virginia standards

West Virginia state board of education members have added climate change denial to the state's science standards, overriding the scientists, educators, and state education leaders who drafted Next Generation Science Standards. Concerned citizens must contact the board (... + read

Climate Change, Evolution, Federal

Tell your senators: Support climate change education

Will the Senate support scientifically sound climate science education? Or will it disseminate climate change denial material to the public schools? Contact your senators and ask them to support Markey's amendments (SA 2175 and SA 2176) and... + read

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