Kitzmiller Trial Transcripts

Below are links to complete transcripts of testimony at the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial.





Day 1


AM: Opening statements, Kenneth Miller
PM: Kenneth Miller
Day 1 AM (174k PDF)
Day 1 PM (222k PDF)
Day 2 9/27/05 AM: Ken Miller, Tammy Kitzmiller
PM: Aralene "Barrie" Callahan, Bryan Rehm
Day 2 AM (188k PDF)
Day 2 PM (227k PDF)
Day 3 9/28/05 AM: Robert Pennock
PM: Robert Pennock, Christy Rehm, Beth Eveland

Day 3 AM (157k PDF)
Day 3 PM (218k PDF)

Day 4 9/29/05 AM: Carol "Casey" Brown
PM: Carol "Casey" Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Frederick Callahan
Day 4 AM (116k PDF)
Day 4 PM (312k PDF)
Day 5 9/30/05 No morning session
PM: John Haught

Day 5 PM (197k PDF)

Day 6 10/5/05 AM: Barbara Forrest
PM: Barbara Forrest
Day 6 AM (174k PDF)
Day 6 PM (276k PDF)
Day 7 10/6/05 AM: Barbara Forrest, Jennifer Miller
PM: Jennifer Miller, Bertha Spahr
Day 7 AM (328k PDF)
Day 7 PM (234k PDF)
Day 8 10/8/05 AM: Bertha Spahr, Brian Alters
PM: Brian Alters, Cnythia Sneath, Steven Stough
Day 8 AM (173k PDF)
Day 8 PM (312k PDF)
Day 9 10/14/05 AM: Steven Stough, Kevin Padian
PM: Kevin Padian, Joel Leib
Day 9 AM (288k PDF)
Day 9 PM (187k PDF)
Day 10 10/17/05 Defense Begins

AM: Michael Behe
PM: Michael Behe

Day 10 AM (245k PDF)
Day 10 PM (149k PDF)

Day 11 10/18/2005 AM: Michael Behe
PM: Michael Behe
Day 11 AM (259k PDF)
Day 11 PM (189k PDF)
Day 12 10/19/05 AM: Michael Behe
PM: Michael Behe
Day 12 AM (234k PDF)
Day 12 PM (133k PDF)
Day 13 10/20/05 No morning session
PM: Richard Nilsen

Day 13 PM (217k PDF)
Day 14 10/21/05 AM: Richard Nilsen
PM: Richard Nilsen, Michael Baksa
Day 14 AM (245k PDF)
Day 14 PM (201k PDF)
Day 15 10/24/05 AM: Steve William Fuller
PM: Steve William Fuller
Day 15 AM (268k PDF)
Day 15 PM (228k PDF)
Day 16 10/27/05 AM: William "Bill" Buckingham
PM: William "Bill" Buckingham, Heather Bernhard-Bubb
Day 16 AM (164k PDF)
Day 16 PM (287k PDF)
Day 17 10/28/05 AM: Heather Bernhard-Bubb, Joseph Maldonado
PM: Heather Geesey, Michael Baksa
Day 17 AM & PM (354k PDF)
Day 18 10/31/05 AM: Alan Bonsell
PM: Alan Bonsell
Day 18 AM (167k PDF)
Day 18 PM (196k PDF)
Day 19 11/2/05 AM: Alan Bonsell
PM: Sheila Harkins, Michael Baksa
Day 19 AM (309k PDF)
Day 19 PM (280k PDF)
Day 20 11/3/05 AM: Michael Baksa
PM: Scott Minnich
Day 20 AM (136k PDF)
Day 20 PM (190k PDF)
Day 21 11/4/05 AM: Scott Minnich
PM: Closing arguments
Day 21 AM (298k PDF)
Day 21 PM (228k PDF)