Louisiana, 1926 - HB 208

A bill to prevent atheists from both teaching or using publicly funded school property to lecture on. Violation of act would result in a misdemeanor and be penalized. 

Louisiana, 1926 - HB 41

Act to prevent teaching of evolution to public schools and universities.

On May 11, 1926, Representative Hudson introduced House Bill No. 41. This bill was read a second time on May 12, and was referred to the Committee on Public Education. OnJune 16, this bill was reported from the Committee on Public Education without action. On June 17, Representative Hudson withdrew House B ill No. 41 and it was not present for further consideration by the House of Representatives.

US Congress, 1926 - HR 10425

Rider amendment to prevent funds going to "any teacher who teaches partisan politics, disrespect for the Holy Bible, or that ours is an inferior government."

Kentucky, 1926, HB 96

A bill to prevent any state funded schools from teaching "any theory that denies the story of the divine creation of man as taught in the Bible and to teach in­stead that man has descended from a lower order of ani­mals." Any teacher, or anyone knowingly hire a teacher, who teach evolution will be charged with a misdemeanor and fined. 

Mississippi, 1926 - HB 77

Prohibit any public funded schools and universities from "the teaching that man descended, or ascended, from a lower order of animals." Violators would be charged with a misdemenor and forced to vacate his position at the school.

Georgia, 1925 - Amendment to the General Appropriations Bill

Amendment to prevent state funding to schools that allows Darwinian theory teaching. Any teacher found teaching evolution will be discharged and the school would be refused further support from state funds.


On July 29, 1925, Representative Paul Lindsay of De Kalb County, introduced an amendment to the General Appropriations Bill. The amendment was referred to the Committee on Appropriations which recommended rejection. This amendment was overwhelmingly voted down by a voice vote and was not presented for further consideration by the House of Representatives.


West Virginia, 1925 - HB 175

A bill to prohibit the teaching of the theory of evolution in relation to the origin of man in the public schools of West Virginia.

Tennessee, 1925 - SB 133

An act to prohibit the teaching of Evolution and Darwinism in the Public Schools of Tennessee. Any teaching would result in a misdemeanor charge as well as a fine.

Maine, 2015 - LD 464, HP 303

Implementation of core standards in English language arts, mathematics and, especially, science.
 Section 3 emphasize the use of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS); however, Section 1 mentions "The commissioner shall develop accommodation provisions for instances where course content conflicts with sincerely held religious beliefs and practices of a student's parent or guardian."

Louisiana, 2014 - SB 74

Repeal of Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:285.1, which implemented the Louisiana Science Education Act (LSEA), passed and enacted in 2008. LSEA permits the teaching of creationism, including "intelligent design."