Reviews of Creationist Books

The listing below gives access to critical reviews available, on this website and others, of a variety of creationist books. Many of these reviews were published in NCSE's journals; some have been reprinted with permission on this site.

Title Author(s) Yearsort ascending Reviewer Keywords
Darwin on Trial Phillip E. Johnson 1992 Eugenie C Scott and Thomas C Sager, Esq. Intelligent Design Creationism
Of Pandas and People Dean Kenyon and Percival Davis, edited by Charles Thaxton 1990 Eugenie C. Scott, Executive Director of NCSE Old Earth Creationism, Intelligent Design Creationism, "Of Pandas and People"
Creation's Tiny Mystery Robert V. Gentry 1988 Philip Osmon Young Earth Creationism, Anti-evolution (general)
Evolution: A Theory in Crisis Michael Denton 1987 Philip T. Spieth analysis, Intelligent Design Creationism
Biology: A Search for Order in Complexity Edited by John N. Moore and Harold S. Slusher 1980 William Thwaites Young Earth Creationism
Darwin's Black Box Michael J. Behe H. Allen Orr Intelligent Design Creationism