Kitzmiller v. Dover team, climate science leaders honored by NCSE

The Friend of Darwin Award recognizes the Kitzmiller v. Dover legal team and a stalwart evolution writer. The new Friend of the Planet award recognizes an outspoken climate scientist and a revered writer

Louisiana, 2008 - HB 1168

The House version of SB 561, later superseded by SB 733, which became law.

Louisiana, 2008 - SB 561, SB 733

The first such bill to become law, and the first to merge in Ouachita Parish language, including references to "global warming" and "human cloning."

Alabama, 2004 - HB 391

The first "academic freedom" act proposed, and a basis for the Discovery Institute model legislation.

See also SB 336.

Surveys, Polls & Studies

Polls and surveys are an excellent tool for monitoring public opinion of evolution, allowing us to track changes over time and to identify problem concepts.

We have collected here all of NCSE's coverage of surveys and polls, as well as links to raw data and other reports. We hope you find this information useful.

"Academic Freedom" Legislation

In recent years, most state-level legislative attacks on evolution have taken the form of "academic freedom" bills, which permit — but do not require — teachers and students to introduce creationist material into science classes. Because these bills are permissive rather than prescriptive, they may have a better chance of surviving judicial scrutiny than has past antievolution legislation.