NCSE had a busy summer doing outreach in our backyard of Oakland, California. While the Bay Area is known for great science, there are inequities in access to science education, making our free outreach at events in the community, like the Resource Area For Teaching back-to-school gathering for science teachers (pictured below), essential.

NCSE staff support our table at the RAFT event.

This summer, we recruited a group of high school volunteers who wanted to share their passion for effective science education with the world. They helped test activities, build kits, and practiced their science interpretation skills all over the region.

As a culminating experience, they shared their climate change knowledge with other teens at the California Academy of Sciences’s Teen Science Night. NCSE is committed to reaching people where they are. Training the next generation in effective science communication is a crucial step towards reaching this goal.

(RAFT photo courtesy of RAFT’s Instagram account)