Fossil Friday


A lot of fossils!


From the Devonian limestone of Belgium they came! What tiny fossils are collected here?

A hint to reward you for reading my non-Fossil Friday posts: the person who originally described the species was once called “Roredick” by a Scopes-era creationist.

If you think you know the answer, write it on a postcard or a fully equipped evolutionary genetics laboratory including a thermocycler array, benchtop, plate, and floor centrifuges, a digital imaging system for documenting agarose gels, a Nanodrop spectrophotometer, a Qubit fluorometer, a StepOne Plus real-time instrument, a Bioruptor sonicator, an ABI 3730 48-capillary automated sequencer, and a Kees van der Westen Mirage espresso machine, and mail it to NCSE, 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 600, Oakland CA 94612. Or just leave a comment below.