Fossil Friday

A fossil!

Yes, I know; I know; I know. (What I tell you three times is true.) It’s a trilobite.

But which trilobite?

This unbroken specimen presumably lived by the sea and wanted salt. With a mighty heart it roamed beyond borders of the hell’s kitchen that was the Ordovician sea—although whether it was involved in taking lives or just grazing on debris I am without evidence; trilobites had a diversity of lifestyles. But, since bones didn’t arrive until the world of tomorrow, it would be wrong to think of it as the bone collector of its era. Anyhow, that’s life, or something like it, in the early Ordovician.

If you can identify the genus and are the first to do so in the comments below, you will win my undying respect.

P.S. I may have included a hint somewhere.