"A what?" he said.

"An SEP."

I Can Haz Cheezburger image: Cat sitting in front of many dogs, saying “someone else’s problem field - ai haz it”

"An S…?"


"And what's that?"

"Somebody Else's Problem."

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Physical model of a bacterial flagellum

H. L. Mencken once wrote, “There is always a well-known solution to every human problem—neat, plausible, and wrong.” (William Dembski mangles the quotation in The Design Revolution [2004], as Jeffrey Shallit observed.) When it comes to the problem of creationism, the solution that meets Mencken’s criterion might be falsifiability.

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About eleven miles past the launch point to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, boats just beginning their voyage down the turbulent, vermillion river often pull over to the left bank to examine a bedroom-sized slab of pale sandstone. This block of the Coconino Sandstone long ago detached from vertiginous cliffs high above, skidding to an off-kilter stop on layers of maroon shale. Rafters unaccustomed to walking on a swaying boat gingerly find their sea legs as they wend their way around bulky, unfamiliar gear.

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Those of us who live and breathe climate and energy issues know the answer to typical pop quiz questions like, "What's the nation most responsible for climate change?" Well, the largest emitter of carbon into the atmosphere is currently China, but historically the United States is responsible for the lion's share, with nearly 30% of the total emitted since the mid-1800s.

But if the question is "which corporate entity wins the dubious distinction of being the largest contributor of carbon emissions to the atmosphere?" we might struggle more.

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It's a joy to be able to report on a sweeping victory for science education in Texas, and to be able to give an eyewitness report of the fight over the textbooks that will be used in that massive textbook market for years to come. The 2009 battle over Texas science standards made it quite possible that the textbooks adopted last week would be riddled with creationist claims, or would give creationist board members a toehold to demand that publishers rewrite their books or be left off of the state's approved list.

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