Answer Monday!

A fossil!

This past week on Fossil Friday, I gave you a pile of dino teeth! But which dino? It was a Spinosaurus, of course. Good for Sean Wells, who called it first. According to National Geographic:

“Floating like a crocodile to stalk prey, the 50-foot-long (15.2 meters) predator bore a massive sail on its back that would have risen from the water like a shark’s fin. The carnivore probably ate fish, ancient crocodiles, and anything else afloat…

The fossil bones of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus described in the study turned up in sandstone beds in the Moroccan Sahara. Complete with skull, claws, and bones that formed the sail on its back, the fossils reveal a crocodilian snout, paddle-like feet, and dense bones that aided buoyancy, adding up to a life aquatic for the giant predator.”

Creepy! Cool! Thanks for playing this week’s Fossil Friday! Stay tuned for more fossil goodness next week!