Answer Monday!

Photo Credit: PeterThoeny via Compfight cc  

Last week on Fossil Friday, I accidentally posted a summer rerun!  No, I wasn't being lazy, I was just forgetful! Blame it on the summer heat!

So what was this rerun? If you missed it before, you certainly got it this time.  As many of you pointed out, the critter was an oyster from Peru. I found this one at the American Geophysical Union meeting last fall.  

Dan Phelps gets bragging rights for the week, because he not only knew what it was, but being such a big fan of Fossil Friday, he recognized it immediately as having been run before. Kudos to Dan for being eagle-eyed. This Friday, I promise—no reruns!

I'm still pondering which fossils to photograph this week, so give me your suggestions and requests. Have a time period you love? Want to see more fossils from La Brea? Japan? Pakistan? Want more sea creatures? Plants? Sloths? 

Your wish is my command—a small penance for my error.