A Catholic theologian, an Episcopal canon, an atheist chaplain, and a Jewish agnostic all walk into a webinar

During her tenure at NCSE, Genie Scott often observed, "one priest in a backwards collar is worth a dozen scientists at a public hearing." For various reasons, religious leaders, and the voices of religious communities, have a special weight in politics, especially on matters of science education. Including pro-science religious voices as part of a coalition can be vital to the success of an effort. 

In this month's contribution to NCSE's ongoing series of training webinars for science education advocates, we'll discuss how to build those coalitions and how to reach across religious boundaries to build support for science education—especially for evolution and climate change education.

I'll moderate an expert panel: Peter Hess, NCSE's director of outreach to religious communities and a Catholic theologian; Sally Bingham, founder of Interfaith Power and Light and an Episcopal canon; and Chris Stedman, chaplain with Harvard and Yale universities' humanist chaplaincies and author of Faitheist: How an Atheist Found Common Ground with the Religious. Each has experience building interfaith coalitions, especially focused on issues around climate change, evolution, and science education.

The webinar will be this Wednesday March 26 at 11 a.m. PT, 2 pm Eastern. Register now!