Chat with Ann Reid this Wednesday

Ann ReidAnn Reid

In the last few weeks, we at NCSE have enjoyed getting to know our new executive director, Ann Reid. It’s been a big change, and bigger changes are surely going to follow, as Genie Scott ends her 27 years of leadership here and Ann begins setting a new direction.

Those changes will not just affect those of us who work at NCSE. Ann and Genie are taking the opportunity of this month’s webinar for science education advocates to chat online. It’ll be a chance for Ann to introduce herself to NCSE’s allies and fans, and for concerned citizens like you to introduce yourselves to her and weigh in on what changes you’d like to see (and what you want to keep the same).

The people who register and attend will set the agenda, but as moderator, I’ll be pushing the attendees to tell us a bit about:

  • What this historic transition means for the network of citizen activists which NCSE has worked with and relied upon for so long.
  • What Ann should know about the work you and other local citizens for science are doing, and what you would like to know about her plans.
  • What Genie did that Ann should build on, and what she and NCSE can do better in the future.

This is your chance to ask questions, offer guidance, introduce Ann to the crucial work NCSE's does in supporting local efforts, and welcome her to the NCSE family.

You can register through the GoToWebinar website, and log in this Wednesday, January 29, at 11 am PST (2 EST).

We all look forward to chatting with you.