Advisory Council

NCSE is proud and grateful for the official support of many distinguished scientists, scholars, and educators. Affiliations are listed for the purposes of identification only.

Bruce Alberts — University of California, San Francisco
Francisco J. Ayala — University of California, Irvine
Frederick Borsch — Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
Stephen G. Brush — University of Maryland
Sean B. Carroll — University of Wisconsin, Madison
Johnnetta B. Cole — Smithsonian Institution
Joel Cracraft — American Museum of Natural History
Brent Dalrymple — Oregon State University
James E. Darnell, Jr. — Rockefeller University
Richard E. Dickerson — University of California, Los Angeles
Robert H. Dott, Jr. — University of Wisconsin, Madison
James D. Ebert† — Chesapeake Institute of Johns Hopkins University
Niles Eldredge — American Museum of Natural History
Milton Fingerman — Tulane University
Douglas J. Futuyma — State University of New York, Stony Brook
Alfred G. Gilman† — University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Laurie Godfrey — University of Massachusetts
Ursula Goodenough — Washington University in St. Louis
Stephen J. Gould† — Harvard University
James Hansen — NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Donald Hornig† — Harvard University
Norman H. Horowitz† — California Institute of Technology
Clark Howell† — University of California, Berkeley
Duane E. Jeffery — Brigham Young University
Donald Johanson — Institute of Human Origins
Patricia Kelley — University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Philip Kitcher — Columbia University
Richard C. Lewontin — Harvard University
Michael MacCracken — Climate Institute
Paul MacCready† — Aerovironment, Inc.
Michael E. Mann — Penn State University
Lynn Margulis† — University of Massachusetts
Malcolm McKenna† — American Museum of Natural History
Bill McKibben —
Keith B. Miller — Kansas State University
Kenneth Miller — Brown University
John A. Moore† — University of California, Riverside
David Morrison — NASA Ames
Dorothy Nelkin† — New York University
Bill Nye — The Science Guy
Kevin Padian — University of California, Berkeley
William S. Pollitzer† — University of North Carolina
Robert L. Park — University of Maryland
Joseph E. Rall† — National Institutes of Health
James Randi — conjuror
Michael Ruse — Florida State University
Eugenie C. Scott — National Center for Science Education
James W. Skehan, S.J. — Weston Observatory
Elliott Sober — University of Wisconsin, Madison
Frank Sonleitner — University of Oklahoma
Richard Stucky — Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Marvalee Wake — University of California, Berkeley
Mary Jane West-Eberhard — Smithsonian Institution
Tim D. White — University of California, Berkeley
† = deceased

Last updated June 16, 2017