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Peter Hess joined NCSE as Director of Religious Community Outreach in 2006. Hess has taught and researched the interaction of science and religion for two decades. He conducts thought-provoking lectures and workshops that address religious, philosophical and historical aspects of the evolution vs. creation controversy, for K-12 and college audiences. In his role at NCSE, Hess responds to local flare-ups that involve clergy, congregations, and individuals. In the long view, he helps people come to a deeper understanding of the world as revealed by science. "For religion to remain relevant and credible", says Hess, "It must recognize that 'origins stories' were crafted in a prescientific era." Co-author of Catholicism and Science, Hess has written for the Washington Post, Huffington Post, God and Nature, and the University of St. Thomas Journal of Law.

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