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Free evolution and climate change book downloads!

Back in late 2009, we started offering free evolution book excerpts on the NCSE web site and via Facebook.


Anti-Evolution and Anti-Climate Science Legislation Scorecard: 2015

We laughed, we cried, we felt a thousand emotions. And when the dust finally settled, we were left with the usual pile of dead anti-science copycat bills, often from the usual players. We're looking at you, Missouri and Oklahoma.

The tally was nearly identical to 2014's. Four bills targeted evolution, one climate science, two unspecified "scientific controversies," and one adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Stars of Science, History, Education Honored by NCSE

NCSE recognizes Neil Shubin, Naomi Oreskes, Ronald Numbers, Greg Craven, and the Alliance for Climate Education for their tireless work defending and promoting science education.

Not all stars obsess about mansions, manicures, or money. The celebrities recognized by NCSE's 2015 Friend of Darwin and Friend of the Planet awards confront science denial in every venue, from the silver screen to YouTube to high school auditoriums.

Publishers Remove Climate Change Denialism From Texas Textbooks; Put Education Ahead of Politics

Texas State Board of Education must still vote on adopting the revised textbooks

Robert Luhn, NCSE, 510/601-7203
Dan Quinn, TFN, 512/322-0545
Lisa Hoyos, Climate Parents, 510/282-0440

Texans to Publishers: Fix Flawed Textbooks

Proposed social studies textbooks get climate change wrong, distort facts, deny science

Robert Luhn, NCSE, 510/601-7203
Dan Quinn, TFN, 512/322-0545
Lisa Hoyos, Climate Parents, 510/282-0440

Proposed Texas Textbooks Distort Climate Change Facts

One textbook absurdly portrays advocacy group as a science authority

An examination of how proposed social studies textbooks for Texas public schools address climate change reveals distortions and bias that misrepresent the broad scientific consensus on the phenomenon.

Anti-Evolution and Anti-Climate Science Legislation Scorecard: 2014

Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, science deniers flocked to familiar ground in 2014. Three bills attacking evolution and three bills hammering on "scientific controversies" were trotted out in Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Virginia. All went down to defeat. Bills targeting climate change specifically were nowhere to be found. (More on that below.) But the trend is clear—expect future anti-science bills to be vague, focusing on "scientific controversies" instead of specific domains.

Kitzmiller v. Dover team, climate science leaders honored by NCSE

The Friend of Darwin Award recognizes the Kitzmiller v. Dover legal team and a stalwart evolution writer. The new Friend of the Planet award recognizes an outspoken climate scientist and a revered writer

The Science League of America Debuts!

NCSE launches its first blog

It was worth the wait.

After pondering the pros and cons of this newfangled "Internet" thing, NCSE has launched the Science League of America—our blog dedicated to defending the teaching of evolution and climate change. The blog is at

Summit: "Americans Illiterate About Climate Change--But Want to Know More"

Summit cover.jpgExperts from around the nation meet to tackle climate literacy

"We have lots of information about climate change, but much of it is falling on deaf ears," says Mark McCaffrey, NCSE policy director. "That's because 90% of Americans admit they're not very well informed about climate change, but 75% would like to know more."


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