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Review: Traipsing into Evolution

Traipsing into Evolution: Intelligent Design and the Kitzmiller v Dover Decision
When Judge Jones ruled that the Dover (Pennsylvania) Area School Board had violated the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause by mandating a brief statement in biology class about “intelligent design” (ID), he characterized Dover’s action as “breathtaking inanity” (Kitzmiller v Dover, p 138 of the memorandum opinion). Traipsing purports to rebut Jones’s opinion, but virtually every page contains serious factual, legal, or analytical errors; out-of-context quotes; or inconsistent, irrelevant, or trivial arguments — so the rebuttal is very weak.
David K DeWolf, John G West, Casey Luskin, and Jonathan Witt
Seattle (WA): Discovery Institute Press, 2006; 123 pages.


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Direct Examination: Creationism and the Fossil Record

I. "Irreducible Complexity" and the evolution of major adaptations

Q. I'm going to talk about the use of the term "irreducible complexity" and "adaptational packages" as it's used by intelligent design proponents.

Can you explain to us how Pandas uses the term "adaptational packages"?

Direct Examination: Classification, Ancestors, and Relationships

Slide 006
Slide 6: Beginning section on modern classification, cladistics, and how evolutionary relationships are reconstructed.
(Right-click to download pdf.)

Classification, Ancestors, And Relationships

Q. And when you say "classification," what do you mean by that?

A. I mean precisely how we study the relationships of organisms. The basis of classification, since Darwin, has been the relationships that organisms have to each other.


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