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Climate Change Denial

Denialism logo, person with crossed arms over a shirt saying 'NO.' Image by Paula Spence for NCSE, 2012

Although scientists are in broad agreement about the occurrence, causes, and consequences of climate change, the topic is socially controversial.

How Much Does Human Activity Affect Climate Change?

The Earth’s climate is changing rapidly. Scientists trying to find out what’s causing climate change work like detectives, gathering evidence to rule out some suspects and to ascertain just who is responsible. It’s clear, based on over a century of scientific investigation, that humans are responsible for most of the climate change we’ve seen over the last 150 years.

Is the Climate Changing Right Now?

The Earth’s climate is constantly changing. Seasonal changes throughout the year are one form of climate change, and the climate changes over hundreds of thousands of years as the Earth’s orbit changes the amount and intensity of energy received from the Sun. As the National Center for Atmospheric Research explains, climate change is different from the changes in weather from day to day.

Climate Change 101

Climate change 101 logo, smokestacks behind a globe: by Paula Spence for NCSE, 2012

There is virtually unanimous scientific agreement about climate change. Yet due to both the inherent complexity of the topic and the social controversies surrounding it, confusion and doubt often persist.

Polls & Surveys

Polls and surveys are an excellent tool for monitoring public opinion of evolution, allowing us to track changes over time and to identify problem concepts.

We have collected here all of NCSE's coverage of surveys and polls, as well as links to raw data and other reports. We hope you find this information useful.


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