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From Quarks to Consciousness: Evolving into Moral and Spiritual Understanding

Peter M.J. Hess, Ph.D.
Peter Hess, Ph.D.

August 9, 2013
Buena Vista Community Center
715 East Main Street
Buena Vista, Colorado

How can we reinterpret the doctrine that humans are created in the image of God to reflect what we know from science? Are humans “stardust become conscious of itself 13.7 billion years after the Big Bang?” The assumption that humans are made in the image of God is fundamental to the scriptural teaching about the nature of human existence and makes human kind capable of comprehending and responding to God’s invitation. How have these leftovers from the Big Bang evolved into beings with moral understanding and judgment, with spiritual awareness and responsiveness and who are able to assume the responsibility for creation.

Presentation is part of the
Collegiate Peaks Forum Series

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