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Science Under the Rug: How Government and Industry Hide Research and How to Fight Back

Joshua Rosenau
Joshua Rosenau
3:00pm to 4:15pm
June 21, 2013
Netroots Nation
San José, California

Panel Discussion featuring:
  • Joshua Rosenau, NCSE
  • Robert Proctor, Stanford
  • Michael Mann, Pennsylvania State University
  • Elizabeth Nash, Guttmacher Institute
  • Robyn Thomas, Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Attempts to suppress and obscure science are increasingly common features of many public policy battles, especially around tobacco, evolution, climate change, guns, and abortion. Eighty-five years after the Scopes Monkey Trial, Tennessee just passed another law attacking evolution education—and lumped in climate change Netroots Nation 2013and stem cell research to boot. Other legislators have forced doctors to tell patients falsehoods about their pregnancies and abortion and compelled teachers to mislead students about sex and sexuality. At the NRA’s behest, federal funds for gun violence research were eliminated, and basic data on gun violence cannot be gathered. Meanwhile, Big Tobacco and fossil fuel producers are the most prominent - but hardly the only - industries which have conspired to obscure research and attack researchers who reveal their products’ dangers. We’ll learn more about how science is being hidden and attacked, and how we can fight back.

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