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The Battle to Keep the Good Stuff In: Evolution and Climate Change

Eugenie C. Scott, Ph.D.

Eugenie C. Scott

October 25, 2013

Hotel Murano
1320 Broadway
Tacoma, Washington


In the face of overwhelming legal resistance, creationist strategy has shifted from trying to get overt religion into the classroom, to trying to discreditCFI logo evolution. Whether such a strategy will survive legal challenge has not yet been tested in courts. But in many places, evolution is still not taught, or taught inadequately. The Next Generation Science Standards, if adopted by states, may be helpful in getting evolution taught, but there is vigorous opposition in many places over their adoption. The NGSS also call for teaching climate change, and here the opposition to good science takes another form. It’s an ideological opposition, but not predominately a religious one.



A joint conference of
the Center for Inquiry
the Council for Secular Humanism
and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry


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