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Trickle down science denial, from the politics to the classroom

Minda Berbeco, Ph.D.
Minda Berbeco, Ph.D.
April 21, 2013
3rd Floor Meeting Room
Berkeley Main Library
2090 Kittredge Street
Berkeley, California

Dr. Berbeco will present on the topic of climate change denial, attempts to undermine the science East Bay Atheistsin public schools and the challenges ahead. She will address the recent legislative session which saw 8 bills introduced since January across the country to undermine science education, as well as current bills that are already in place. In addition, she will discuss popular science denial curriculum that is being disseminated to schools and how it undermines quality education. Last, she will talk about what citizens, parents, teachers and administrators can do to support quality science education.

Sponsored by the
East Bay Atheists

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