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Politicizing the Classroom: Challenges to Climate Change Education in America's Public Schools

Mark McCaffrey - NCSE
Catherine Halverson - Lawrence Hall of Science
Wen Lee - Alliance for Climate Education
Maggie Fleming - EarthTeam
Mark McCaffreyCatherine HalversonWen LeeMaggie Fleming
October 17, 2012
Ecology Center
2530 San Pablo Ave (near Dwight Way)
Berkeley, California

Each year, thousands of school aged children in the US are taught "both sides of the climate change controversy," with school boards in over a dozen states having passed policies categorizing climate change along with evolution and human cloning as "controversial science."

There are, however, some bright spots in the fog surrounding climate change education. The Alliance for Climate Education has reached overEcology Center one million students around the country through multimedia presentations famous for exciting students so much that they crowd at the front of the room at the presentation's end. EarthTeam uses peer-to-peer education, student led action projects, and a TV show on environmental issues, The Green Screen.

Join us for a panel discussion with leaders in the field of climate change education. We'll explore the many challenges to climate change education in public schools, and how parents, teachers, students, and other concerned citizens can take action.

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