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Panel: Science Policy in Unexpected Places

Joshua Rosenau - NCSE; John Abraham, Ph.D. - Univ. of St. Thomas; Darlene Cavalier - Science Cheerleader; Heidi Cullen, Ph.D. - Climate Central; Rick Loverd - Summit on Science, Entertainment, and Education

June 17, 2011
Netroots Nation 2011 Convention
Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 Second Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota

In the last two years science has been restored to its rightful place, as scientific innovation has been put at the center of our national agenda. But American students lag the world in science education, and too many Americans think science is too hard, too scary or too boring. How can scientists and policymakers engage a public that too often thinks science is dull? How do we bring this wary public into crucial decisions about the jobs and industries and discoveries that will define the future? With trading cards that teach about conservation, cheerleaders who encourage citizen science, and outreach to weathercasters and moviemakers, this panel has done it and will tell you how to do the same.

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