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"The best preventive of the evils now most dreaded": Defending evolution in a religious society

Joshua Rosenau and Peter Hess
Joshua RosenauJoshua RosenauPeter M.J. HessPeter M.J. Hess
October 25, 2008
Note new location!/>/> Crystal Creek Cafe
22620 Bothell-Everett Highway
Bothell, WA

Josh Rosenau and Peter Hess, staffers at the National Center for Science Education, describe the threat creationist attacks on evolution education pose to our society, and the ways in which religion can aid in the defense of science education.

Hess is NCSE's Faith Project Director, and Rosenau is NCSE's Public Information Project Director. They will be speaking at a dinner hosted by Seattle's Society for Sensible Explanations, a skeptic group based in the Puget Sound Area. There is an admission fee, which will cover the cost of your entree.

For more information: 
RSVP: email Seattle Society for Sensible Explanations. This event is free, but guests must purchase a meal ($10-$20). More details at the Society for Sensible Explanations website