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Science, Faith, and the Integrity of the Catholic World View

Peter M.J. Hess, Ph.D.
Peter M.J. Hess
October 23, 2008
University of Seattle
Schafer auditorium

Over the course of two thousand years of Catholic tradition, the world view of the Christian West has changed quite beyond recognition. The geocentric cosmos serving as backdrop for the biblical drama of human salvation has disappeared, working a progressive and profoundly dislocating affect since the Middle Ages. But beneath the changing form of the natural sciences, there are at least two constants in the Catholic view of the world: creation is perceived as fundamentally good, and the unity of knowledge is an ideal for which we must strive. This talk will explore the theme of the integrity of the Catholic world view during the formative years of modern science, and how that integrity can help us navigate increasingly turbulent waters of science, religion, and ethics.
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