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Evolution Education in the 21st Century

Louise S. Mead, PhD
October 18, 2008
Cook Convention Center
Room 201
255 N. Main Street
Memphis, TN

A number of new resources on evolution education, and in particular that focus on dealing with challenges to teaching evolution, have become available in the past year. In November 2007, NOVA aired Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial, a documentary about Kitzmiller et al. vs. Dover Area School District. Accompanying the program is a series of resources designed to help teachers deal with the controversies encountered when teaching evolution. Also, the National Center for Science Education launches a new website in 2008, complete with new evolution education resources for teachers. We will present resources developed by staff at the National Center for Science Education which include both actions teachers can take to better prepare themselves for dealing with the controversy as well as lesson plans based on the evidence for evolution presented during the trial.
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