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News. Latest headlines regarding the fight for science education.

LeVake "Arguments Against Evolution" Case Fails

The effort of Rodney LeVake to argue he had free exercise, free speech, and due process rights to teach "evidence against evolution" has failed. The Minnesota Appeals Court on May 8, 2001 supported the summary judgement dismissal decision of the Minnesota District Court of last year.

Regarding the free exercise of religion claim, the Appeals Court wrote:

Michigan House Bill 4705

House Bill 4705 was introduced in the legislature in May 2001, and referred to the Education Committee. As with HB 4382, four Education Committee members are co-sponsors of this bill. As of this writing, the bill has not been heard in committee.

Louisiana House Bill 1286

House Bill 1286 was introduced in the legislature in March 2001, and referred to the House and Governmental Affairs Committee. Although this bill does not explicitly mention evolution, creationism, or education, its language echoes that of anti-evolution bills in other states.

Scott and Dembski on Diane Rehm Show

Intelligent Design proponent William Dembski and NCSE Executive Director Eugenie C. Scott were interviewed on the WAMU NPR program, the Diane Rehm Show on Wednesday, April 18. Listen to this archived interview online at the Rehm website: