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Congratulations to Victor H. Hutchison

Victor H. HutchisonVictor H. Hutchison

NCSE is delighted to congratulate Victor H. Hutchison on receiving the Jack Renner Distinguished Service to Oklahoma Science Education Award from the Oklahoma Science Teachers Association.

Antievolution bill apparently dies in Oklahoma Senate

Senate Bill 554, a hybrid of the "academic freedom" antievolution strategy and the flawed Texas state science standards, appears to have died in committee on February 28, 2011, when a deadline for senate bills to be reported from committee passed.

Antievolution bill loses in committee in Oklahoma

House Bill 1551, which would, if enacted, encourage teachers to present the "scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses" of "controversial" topics such as evolution, was rejected by the House Common Education Committee on February 22, 2011.

A second antievolution bill in Oklahoma

House Bill 1551 (document), prefiled in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and scheduled for a first reading on February 7, 2011, is apparently the fourth antievolution bill of 2011, and the second in Oklahoma, joining Senate Bill 554.

Antievolution legislation in Oklahoma

Senate Bill 554 (document), prefiled in the Oklahoma State Senate on January 19, 2011, is apparently the third antievolution bill of 2011. Interestingly, two strands of antievolution strategy intersect in SB 554.

Antievolution resolutions dead in Oklahoma

With the adjournment of the Oklahoma House of Representatives on May 22, 2009, House Resolutions 1014 and 1015, attacking Richard Dawkins, are presumably dead.

Antievolution resolutions introduced in Oklahoma

Two bills in the Oklahoma House of Representatives — House Resolution 1014 (document) and House Resolution 1015 (document), introduced on March 3, 2009 — attack Richard Dawkins's visit to the University of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma antievolution bill dead

Oklahoma's Senate Bill 320, the so-called Scientific Education and Academic Freedom Act, died in committee on February 16, 2009, according to a report in the Tulsa World (February 17, 2009).

Antievolution legislation in Oklahoma

Senate Bill 320 (document), prefiled in the Oklahoma Senate and scheduled for a first reading on February 2, 2009, is apparently the first antievolution bill of 2009.

Oklahoma Academy of Science adds its voice for evolution

At its November 2, 2007, annual meeting, the Oklahoma Academy of Science adopted a statement on "Science, Religion, and Teaching Evolution." According to the statement, "The Oklahoma Academy of Science strongly supports thorough teaching of evolution in biology classes. Evolution is one of the most important principles of science.


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