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Polling trust in scientists in New Hampshire

Researchers asked residents of New Hampshire about their trust of scientists as a source of information about five topics: vaccines, climate change, nuclear power safety, evolution, and genetically modified organisms.

Evolution-as-theory bill defeated in New Hampshire

"A bill that would have required public schools to teach evolution as a theory, a move often used by proponents of creationism to discredit the science of evolution, was handily shot down by the House of Representatives Thursday, 280-7," the Nashua Telegraph (March 16, 2012) reports.

"Anti-evolution bills should be defeated"

The two antievolution bills in New Hampshire's House of Representatives were editorially denounced by the Concord Monitor (February 20, 2012), which wrote, "The House should spare the state further embarrassment and kill both bills."

New Hampshire antievolution bills dismissed

"The House Education Committee dismissed two bills this morning that would have dictated classroom lectures on evolution," the Concord Monitor's State House blog reported (February 16, 2012).

The Granite Geek on New Hampshire's antievolution bills

The Nashua Telegraph's science columnist revisits the two antievolution bills recently prefiled in the New Hampshire legislature.

Monitoring antievolution bills in New Hampshire

The two antievolution bills in the New Hampshire legislature attracted the attention of the Concord Monitor (December 29, 2011).

Antievolution legislation in New Hampshire

The two antievolution bills on the horizon in New Hampshire have now been prefiled in the state House of Representatives.

Update from the Granite State

A columnist for the Nashua Telegraph (July 3, 2011) discusses the two antievolution bills on the horizon in New Hampshire.

Antievolution bills on the New Hampshire horizon

Antievolution bills are on the horizon in New Hampshire. Included on a list (PDF) of legislative service requests dated June 14, 2011, are two requests to have antievolution bills drafted for the 2012 legislative session.

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