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"Alternatives to Evolution" Proposed by School Board Member

The board of the Roseville City School District considered the adoption of local science standards at their June 14 meeting. One board member had been quoted in news reports as supporting changes to allow teaching "intelligent design" as an alternative to evolution in science classes. She had also suggested using some sort of evolution "disclaimer" or allowing students to "opt out" of evolution segments of courses. The board voted 4-1 to adopt the science standards without changes, and without any "opt-out" provision.

Senate Passes Antievolution Resolution

On June 13, 2001, the US Senate adopted a "Sense of the Senate" amendment to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Authorization bill, S.1, currently under consideration. The resolution (Amendment #799) read:

"It is the sense of the Senate that (1) good science education should prepare students to distinguish the data or testable theories of science from philosophical or religious claims that are made in the name of science; and

Evolution an Issue in Teacher's Firing

Colin Dovichin, a first-year teacher at Lancaster High School, claims he is losing his job because he would not give in to pressure from parents to teach creationism alongside evolution in his science classroom. He also claims that he was attacked as "an atheist".

LeVake "Arguments Against Evolution" Case Fails

The effort of Rodney LeVake to argue he had free exercise, free speech, and due process rights to teach "evidence against evolution" has failed. The Minnesota Appeals Court on May 8, 2001 supported the summary judgement dismissal decision of the Minnesota District Court of last year.

Regarding the free exercise of religion claim, the Appeals Court wrote:

Michigan House Bill 4705

House Bill 4705 was introduced in the legislature in May 2001, and referred to the Education Committee. As with HB 4382, four Education Committee members are co-sponsors of this bill. As of this writing, the bill has not been heard in committee.

Louisiana House Bill 1286

House Bill 1286 was introduced in the legislature in March 2001, and referred to the House and Governmental Affairs Committee. Although this bill does not explicitly mention evolution, creationism, or education, its language echoes that of anti-evolution bills in other states.

West Virginia House Bill 2554

House Bill 2554 was introduced in the state legislature in February 2001, and referred to the Education Committee. The bill did not come up in committee before the legislature adjourned on April 14. The title of the bill explains its purpose as "Providing for the teaching of creation science and evolution science on an equal basis in the public schools."

Montana House Bill 588

House Bill 588 was introduced in the state legislature in February 2001, and referred to the State Administration Committee. On February 19 it was heard in committee, and tabled by a 14–4 vote.

Michigan House Bill 4382

House Bill 4382 was introduced in the legislature in February 2001, and referred to the Education Committee. As of this writing, a hearing in committee is not expected in the near future. HB 4382 would revise Michigan's curriculum content standards to indicate that evolution and natural selection are "unproven theories". In addition, it provides that, along with those "unproven theories", students should be taught "... the theory that life is the result of the purposeful, intelligent design of a creator".