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Climate change education in the Wall Street Journal

"After many years in which evolution was the most contentious issue in science education, climate change is now the battle du jour in school districts across the country," the Wall Street Journal (March 11, 2012) reports (subscription required).

Voices for climate change education

NCSE is pleased to announce the debut of a new resource in the climate change section of its website: "Voices for climate change education."

Repeal effort revived in Louisiana

Senate Bill 374 (PDF), prefiled in the Louisiana Senate on March 1, 2012, and provisionally referred to the Senate Committee on Education, would, if enacted, repeal Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:285.1, which implemented the so-called Louisiana Science Education Act, passed and enacted in 2008.

A further defeat for Freshwater

John Freshwater's legal challenge to the decision to terminate his employment as a middle school science teacher in Mount Vernon, Ohio, was defeated again, on March 5, 2012, when Ohio's Fifth District Court of Appeals upheld (PDF) a lower court's rejection of his challenge.

Friend of Darwin awards for 2012

NCSE is pleased to announce the winners of the Friend of Darwin award for 2012: Judy Scotchmoor, the Assistant Director for Education and Public Programs at the University of California Museum of Paleontology who led the development of the popular Understanding Evolution website, and Zach Kopplin, the young activist who as a high school student in Baton Rouge in 2011 launched a drive to repeal Louisiana's antievolution law.

"Witch hunt" against climate scientist blocked

Michael Mann

Climate scientist Michael Mann's private e-mails and research notes will remain private, thanks to a ruling by the Virginia Supreme Court.

Second thoughts from Springer

A scientific publisher is having second thoughts about a forthcoming cryptocreationist volume, Inside Higher Ed reports (March 1, 2012).

Credit-for-creationism scheme passes committee

Alabama's House Bill 133 — which would, if enacted, "authorize local boards of education to include released time religious instruction as an elective course for high school students" — was passed by the House Education Policy Committee on February 29, 2012, according to the Birmingham News (February 29, 2012).

Polling public opinion on climate change

"After a period of declining levels of belief in global warming there appears to be a modest rebound in the percentage of Americans that believe temperatures on the planet are increasing," according (PDF) to the latest National Survey of American Public Opinion on Climate Change.

RNCSE 32:1 now on-line

NCSE is pleased to announce that the latest issue of Reports of the National Center for Science Education is now available on-line.


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