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News. Latest headlines regarding the fight for science education.

"Creationism Whistleblower"

Zack KopplinZack Kopplin

Writing in The Daily Beast (December 28, 2015), Zack Kopplin reviews the last decade of antievolution strategies — with the assistance of a former employee of the Discovery Institute, the de facto institutional home of "intelligent design" creationism.

Alfred G. Gilman dies

Alfred G. Gilman, via University of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterAlfred G. Gilman, via University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

The eminent pharmacologist and biochemist Alfred G. Gilman — a member of NCSE's Advisory Council — died on December 23, 2015, at the age of 74, according to The New York Times (December 24, 2015). Gilman and Martin Rodbell were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1994 for "their discovery of G-proteins and the role of these proteins in signal transduction in cells." The Times explains that their "research helped scientists understand how the body receives signals and transmits outside stimuli like light and odor, and from a variety of hormones in the body" and also increased understanding of certain types of cancer and hereditary glandular disorders.

The Royal Astronomical Society adds its voice for evolution

The chorus of support for the teaching of evolution continues, with a statement from the Royal Astronomical Society, adopted in 2011.

Facebook: n > 140,000

A milestone: there are now over 140,000 fans of NCSE's Facebook page. Why not join them, by visiting the page and becoming a fan by clicking on the "Like" box by NCSE's name?

Darwin Day resolution in the Senate

Richard BlumenthalRichard Blumenthal

Senate Resolution 337, introduced in the United States Senate on December 17, 2015, would, if passed, express the Senate's support of designating February 12, 2016, as Darwin Day, and its recognition of "Charles Darwin as a worthy symbol on which to celebrate the achievements of reason, science, and the advancement of human knowledge."