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News. Latest headlines regarding the fight for science education.

Creationism in Charles County?

Evolution is a problem for some of the members of the Charles County, Maryland, Board of Education, to judge from a recently released list of goals and suggestions compiled by its members. Among the entries were recommendations not to use 10th-grade biology textbooks "biased toward evolution" and to provide creationist books and videos to students.

Grand Canyon Redux

The controversy over the sale of the creationist anthology Grand Canyon: A Different View in the bookstores in Grand Canyon National Park is back in the headlines.

"The Crusade Against Evolution" in Wired

The cover story in the October 2004 issue of Wired magazine is Evan Ratliff's "The Crusade Against Evolution," with the tag line: "In the beginning there was Darwin. And then there was intelligent design. How the next generation of 'creation science' is invading America's classrooms."