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Darwin Day approaches

It's time to dust off your Darwin costume again: less than a month remains before Darwin Day 2011! Colleges and universities, schools, libraries, museums, churches, civic groups, and just plain folks across the country — and the world — are preparing to celebrate Darwin Day, on or around February 12, in honor of the life and work of Charles Darwin.

Settlement in the Gaskell case

A settlement was reached in C. Martin Gaskell v. University of Kentucky, and the parties are moving for a dismissal of the lawsuit.

Kentucky Academy of Science on the ark park

Concern over Ark Encounter, the proposed creationist theme park in northern Kentucky was expressed by two guest editorials in the January 2011 issue of the newsletter of the Kentucky Academy of Science.

"Creationism's evolving strategy"

Writing in the January 2011 issue of Americans United for Separation of Church and State's journal Church & State, Sandhya Bathija reviewed the developments in the creationism/evolution controversy since the Kitzmiller v. Dover case.

The Miller/Morris debate

A debate on evolution versus creationism at Brown University in 1981 was so popular that the event had to be held in the largest building on campus — a hockey rink. There's no need for skates and sticks, though: the debate between Kenneth R. Miller and Henry M. Morris is now available from NCSE.

A teacher punished over evolution?

Was a North Carolina middle school science teacher unjustly treated when she was reassigned to a different job after a complaint about her presentation of evolution in the classroom? That is the question at issue in a lawsuit originally filed in 2007.

Inroads for the ark park?

The developers proposing to build a creationist theme park in northern Kentucky are now asking the state to improve a highway interchange to accommodate the park's expected visitors, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal (December 23, 2010).

Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth

NCSE is pleased to offer a free preview (PDF) of Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth (Hill and Wang, 2011), a graphic introduction to evolution written by Jay Hosler and illustrated by Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon.

Congratulations to Understanding Evolution!

NCSE is delighted to congratulate the Understanding Evolution website, which, with its companion website Understanding Science, received a Science Prize for Online Resources in Education award for 2010.

Update on the ark park

The controversy continues over the prospect of state tourism development incentives for Ark Encounter, the proposed creationist theme park in northern Kentucky.


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