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Lawsuit against science center settled

A lawsuit against the California Science Center for canceling a screening of Darwin's Dilemma was settled in July 2011, the Associated Press reports (August 29, 2011), with neither side admitting wrongdoing.

Teachers "feeling the heat" over climate change

"The U.S. political debate over climate change is seeping into K-12 science classrooms, and teachers are feeling the heat," according to a report in Science (August 5, 2011; subscription required). Science educators are increasingly reporting attacks on climate change education: Roberta Johnson, the executive director of the National Earth Science Teachers Association, commented, "Evolution is still the big one, but climate change is catching up."

Evolution in the NRC Framework

A Framework for K-12 Science Education — a new publication from the National Research Council offering "a framework that articulates a broad set of expectations for students in science" — emphasizes evolution as one of the "disciplinary core ideas" of the life sciences.

Evolution at the NSB redux

Survey questions about the American public's beliefs about evolution and the Big Bang will be restored to the 2012 edition of Science and Engineering Indicators — but concerns linger about their exact wording in the future.

New photographs from the Scopes trial

Supporters of Scopes, 1925Supporters of Scopes, 1925

In honor of the anniversary of the Scopes trial, which ran from July 10 to July 21, 1925, the Smithsonian Institution Archives just released a new set of twenty-five portraits of scientists who agreed to testify on behalf of the defense, according to a post at The Bigger Picture, the Smithsonian Photography Initiative's blog.

"Creationism Crusade" in Church & State

Rob Boston's "Creationism Crusade," published in the July/August 2011 issue of Church & State, reviews the latest battles, in state legislatures and elsewhere, over the teaching of evolution.

Polling global evangelical leaders on evolution

A survey of the opinions of evangelical Protestant leaders across the world, conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, included a question on evolution — and found that the leaders were divided.

The latest issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach

The latest issue of Evolution: Education and Outreach — the new journal promoting the accurate understanding and comprehensive teaching of evolutionary theory for a wide audience — is now published.

Steven G. Gey dies

Steven G. GeySteven G. Gey

Steven G. Gey, a nationally recognized scholar of constitutional law, died on June 9, 2011, at the age of 55, according to Florida Today (June 10, 2011).

Tennessee Academy of Science adds its voice for evolution

The chorus of support for the teaching of evolution continues, with a statement from the Tennessee Academy of Science, "providing a forum for science education and research in Tennessee since 1912."


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